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  • Travelling Interstate?

    27 June at 17:33 from atlas

    There are several considerations for your pets when you take them interstate. 

    On mainland Australia, they will meet  intestinal worms; rampant fleas; paralysis tick;  heartworm .... that they have not met before

    For DOGS a new product, NEXGARD SPECTRUM, given monthly, copes with all of that !  although you may feel they need added help against fleas. Take care ... we are here to advise you.

    For CATS the new BRAVECTO SPOTON PLUS covers fleas, ticks and heartworm for 3 months.  Monthly  ADVOCATE prevents heartworm, roundworm & fleas [but not ticks or tapeworm] ... We can work through what is needed with you and develop a PLAN.

    Decisions will be based on where you are going, your method of travel, how long you will be away.  

    Also full C5 or F4 vaccination is encouraged, so your pets will be prepared for a boarding kennel if the need arises, or can meet unexpected demands from airlines etc..

    Safe and secure travel harnesses, crates, boxes, name-tags AND up-to-date Microchip needed?  just ask.

    When you return into Tasmania:  

    1.  keep your pets on Heartworm prevention for at least 2-3 months to stop larval development.  Heartworm does not transmit in Tassie, but larva already contracted can still develop.   

    2.  DOGS need Praziquantel tapeworm treatment against Hydatids before entering Tasmania.


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